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Sam Putt Lab certified instructors

Glenn Billington is one of only a handful of coaches who is a certified instructor of the SAM Puttlab by Science and Motion Sports across the whole world.  He is able to arrange delivery and instruction so that you stand out from your neighbour.
As you know Glenn’s role is a putting instructor to players and coaches and he conducts seminars and certification courses in the use of the SAM Putt lab.

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The SAM Puttlab uses ultrasound to analyse and measure up to 28 different parameters in the putting stroke. It helps to identify and diagnose exactly what is happening during the putting stroke.
A player will hit a number of putts and then the program analyses the data.  It then provides the report on various elements of the stroke. The elements are: -

Aim & Set up – direction – path & spot – Loft & Rise – Rotation and then Dynamics
There are so many ways that the SAM Puttlab system can be utilised – in training mode or even games but it can assess so much information at the touch of a button.  It is great to compare a player’s improvement and the areas where they need to improve or have improved. 

Every level of playing ability will benefit from an assessment using the SAM system and usually the cost for an assessment and to do some training is the cost of a one hour lesson.

The SAM Puttlab is reasonably easy to use but to get the most out of the best technology it is better to have the appropriate training.  The certification is aimed to ensure the coach is using the SAM Puttlab in the correct fashion and utilising the functions appropriately, getting the most out of the equipment is paramount for player improvement.
The use of the SAM PuttLab combined with the philosophies from the gb putting academy then you cannot go wrong.  Using the appropriate amount of technical thought and then Glenn’s methods and style of coaching will ensure success for everyone.

SAM Putt Lab records

For a player who is not sure if they want a lesson or are interested to see how they compare on the SAM Puttlab then we make sessions available for the player to come and try.  Just get in touch and ask for an appointment.
The normal time needed is thirty minutes and cost is 50 euros.  You will be able to take a hard copy away with you and then a copy forwarded via email.

If you then decide you would like a putting lesson then we will deduct the 25 euros from your future lesson.
So please call for information.

Now you are fully aware of what we can do, send an email to book your appointment or ring your nearest GBPA coach.