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Putting Fundamentals

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Gain great feel & touch for guaranteed success

The ‘gb’ putting academy team of coaches will focus on allowing you to develop the putting stroke of a Rolls Royce. You will gain great feel & touch, the understanding of your technical ability, high consistency and strong self belief and confidence in order for you to become a putting genius.

We guarantee you success; you will become the envy of your playing partners, peers and opponents. 
On the green you will be aware of what is needed; your pre putt thoughts will be to sink the putt, a putt from any position on the green.  You have trained hard and in the correct manner so that the putt you make will be an instinctive result of your solid strong square set up and the belief that everything happens naturally.

We will focus on you, what is good for you.  Yes, it is important for your technique to be a repeatable action; that you understand the relevance of what is happening and how you manage yourself on the green. 

Working together we will develop your feel and touch, what is appropriate for you, so that your technical knowledge is an occurrence - that it happens naturally and the feel is something you are in control of.

As a natural result your confidence will be evident to everyone, you will expect to sink every putt!

How to get the best feel from understanding technique?

The team of coaches are trained to Professional tour player standard. They understand what is needed to improve your mental thoughts on the green. Once you understand the technical side then the feel and touch will be the dominant factor.

How we do it? Take a look at the six fundamentals of putting. This has been developed by scientists from the Science & Motion team who developed the SAM Putt lab. This is the piece of equipment we use to support our training. However, we consider the physical and psychological aspects before we look at the fundamentals. This is so important; we need to understand why you do things, what makes you tick.

The six fundamentals of putting

Set-up and Aim

This is the area where the body needs to be set up in a solid position and the putter aiming in a consistent square direction to the target – so important to get the geometry correct.

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This action is where the club impacts with the ball has to be square and consistent, we will ensure this occurs naturally and without a correctional movement.

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Path & Impact

Path of the putter through the impact area should be repeatable and precise. A centre hit out of the putter enables more feel and a better ball roll.

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What is happening to the ball as it leaves the putter face? How does the putter impact, on the way down or on the way up? To get a good launch angle we have to be able to get the ball rolling effectively so we get as close to ‘top spin’ as possible.

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Rotation of the club face is so crucial – is it shoulders rotation or an added hand movement? The bigger muscles are the area where we get the best and most consistency.

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Dynamic & Rhythm (feel)

Timing is the result of all the above. If we trust the first five then we can let the timing happen. This is the feel area, the area where your instincts make it happen.

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This is about biomechanics; how do you perform as a result of body issues, there can be so many: -

One leg longer than the other, bad back, hip problems – this can be varied but so important to the factors that fit within the six fundamentals. We will be checking for these issues, the pre lesson assessment will be asking many questions and they will determine how we work together.

Also fitting in this area is your putter, is it right for you, the correct design, the right weight, all important again.


People tend to say they have the ‘yips’ because they say they cannot putt, then they tell you its all in the mind. Is this the correct route? Not really, if you do not have an understanding of what you need to do then how can you do it?

At school we developed because we were coached at school by our teachers. They understood us and the good teacher knew your learning style, the bad ones didn’t know you at all, you remember the good ones.

We are the ‘good teachers, the great coaches’ because we understand where you want to be and how you will get there. We know it will be a harder process for some and easier for others and at the end of the session you will know that hard work in practicing and developing will get great results.

What we will do is to enable you to understand good technique and then your feel and then your true instincts will happen. Remember how maths was a difficult subject to understand, if you worked at the technical ways of solving the problem then it become natural eventually and easier. This is the same with putting with the ‘GBPA’ team. Great explanation and team work!