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As you may know there are many versions and makes of putters across the board now.  Traditional putter of which there are differing settings:

• Mallet/Blade • Face balanced/Toe heavy • Differing lie angles and length
• Centre/heel shafted • Traditional length/Belly putter/Long putter • In black, white or different colours now
• Alignment aids or traditional line or even the MLA alignment settings

So now you are really confused, there are so many.  So this is where it needs to suit your eye and then let me help from there.  We can check the correct length, the correct lie angle, the correct type (toe heavy/face balanced/mallet or blade).

I will use my visual expertise but with the use of the SAM putt lab we can make the difference.  Yes, even a computer can help now, but the final decision has to be yours and you need to be really happy with what you are using.

Some people say they putt well with a putter and then they seem to fade a little.  Change the putter and improve.  This shows that the different types of putter can help but you need to be consistent.  A mallet putter will help to get the putter back more on a square line.  A bladed putter is more of an arch and the heavier the weight in the toe the more the arch.

So, when purchasing a putter it must be the best fitted club in the bag or you may be losing strokes and not benefiting from the right equipment.  Please, please, please listen to this free advice.  GET THE RIGHT PUTTER FOR YOU AND YOUR MECHANICS!  If not, you could be wasting your money?

Below is a selection of putters but we will be adding to them on a regular basis. 
Anything you like the look off.  Get in touch for ‘proper advice’.

MLA Putters


Training Aids

There are so many different gadgets that help with your putting.  Remember they have to do a specific job or you are wasting your time. Attached is a selection of the training aids I use and I again reiterate the reason for them being used.

  • The SAM putt lab - This is the technology side of great putting.  See the Putt Lab page or send me an email for further information.  This is for the Coach and the serious golfer.
  • Gasp Video Analysis System – The video analysis system from GASP is tremendous and the video capture perfect.  There is a facility to have on line lessons and develop a student’s profile on line.  For more information give me a call or send an email.
  • Putting Mirror – A visual training aid - this is used for ball position and eye and shoulder alignment.  But it can also be used to check your club face aim.  The best and easiest kit to use.
  • True Plane – Very good if used correctly.  It is ok rubbing the putter along the line – this is aimed at giving you the correct feel.  Move the putter away a couple of millimetres to get the true effect.
  • ‘V’ Easy – again a good feel tool.  That's if you can work it out correctly.  It’s fun to see my students try to step into it.  I would earn a fortune on ‘You’ve been framed!’  It helps with connection and the rotation of the shoulders.  Allows the spine angle to become the focal point of rotation.
  • Chalk Line – again, very good visual tool where you can see the putter path and the ball roll.

Again, these are only a few examples.  It is important to use wisely and expect to use the item for a specific task.  If you need advice then please get in touch.

Putting Mirror

We have the putting mirror available in two sizes. The initial aid to make sure your alignment is perfect.

Cost from 25 euros

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Alignment is a key factor in golf and so important in putting. Poor alignment causes so many problems

Cost from 20 euros

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V Easy

The all new ‘V’ Easy is a great design. So simple to use for gives great feel

Cost from 25 euros

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The Unit Putt

The Unit putt is a piece of kit that helps the player who has too much movement in the wrists.

Cost from 25 euros

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The Rail

The Rail is the ultimate test for the direction and path of your impact. Great drill but can be so frustrating!

Cost from 40 euros

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The Sweetspot trainer helps you to see the importance of the impact area.

Cost from 20 euros

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