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The Science of Putting Set to Reach New Heights!

The ‘gb putting academy’ is delighted to announce an exciting collaboration with NLGA run by Nick Lees, the innovative golf mind coach. NLGA is a specialist mental mastery golf academy and offers an exciting blend of tools & techniques developed from several disciplines including cutting edge science and quantum physics.  Much of the content of NLGA programs is not yet available in the mainstream.  Only a handful of elite professionals are aware of this training.

The primary focus of the NLGA programs is to empower you to develop a strong mental foundation upon which long term, sustainable success can be built.  We all have phenomenal inner potential which we have forgotten how to access.

Western culture has educated this knowledge out of us.  With NLGA and the GB Golf Academy you can now regain access to these inner resources for your benefit, not just with putting but in your life as a whole.

Nick Lees with one of his clients, Tara Dayer-Smith at the 2012 ISPS
Handa British Ladies Masters held at ‘The Buckinghamshire’, England

Traditional golf psychology can be very helpful but unless your inner foundation is strong, it is just like papering over the cracks.  As soon as there is any pressure, the cracks will reappear. Nowhere will you see this more than on the greens.   One of the key features of this program is that when it is applied to the Six Fundamentals of Putting; it becomes an unstoppable force within you.  This will take your results on the greens to new levels of success.

The NLGA approach has three phases.

  • Firstly you learn how to access your inner resources.
  • Secondly, you remove anything which is not in alignment with your goals and objectives.
  • Thirdly, you build a solid foundation on which to build long term, sustainable success.

Many of NLGA’s professional clients have bespoke audio sessions which they can use wherever they are on tour.  Soon there will be a complete set of sessions available on general release.