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Glenn Billington

Glenn Billington became a professional coach who a specialist in putting; developing his skills by working with many top coaches across the field of putting, learning from them and then developing his own skills and understand.  He accepted that a player cannot just cope with the technical issues but they have to learn how to feel and have a great touch.  This is where the ‘gb putting academy’ coaches come into their own.


The ‘gb putting academy’ team are not just chosen for their expertise and general knowledge of golf;  they are also chosen because they show a desire to become an expert in the field of putting, they are people who want to coach and support you the player in an area that matters on the golf course. The team have had to undergo three days of self development; followed by a series of case studies; a number of projects on all areas that will improve their knowledge and understanding of the human and how they become better players.

The training allows the team to understand their own putting, be able to demonstrate a strong solid set up and then in turn prove that a good putter can be trained to understand the fundamentals and then develop their feel and touch to become the best in their field.

So take a look at where the coach is near you, get in touch or even request a video lesson if you are unable to attend one of our academies.


Our global team of Putting coaches


Gordon Steen - Ireland

Level 1 Affiliate Coach

From an early age I realised how important the short game was and how I had a passion for it. To achieve lower score you really have to be good around the greens. 50% of golf is putting, improve that and you can drastically reduce your handicap.

With the help of the very latest computer technology and by giving you an understanding of the key fundamentals of the putting stroke I can make you a better putter. Why not come and see me?"

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Paul Adams

Level 1 Affiliate Coach

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Coaches training soon

October 2012 - Tim Billington

November 2012 - Gary Constable

Other dates are available - for information please contact the team on