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Clinics & Golf Breaks

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Enjoy the surroundings of a ‘gb academy’ Golf Experience

Our golf clinics, golf breaks and corporate golf days contain all the areas elements within golf. We have our team of putting experts, associate swing coaches, short game magicians and of course there are our Ambassadors who will be a great way of enjoying and learning. Add to that our expert ‘Mind Guru’ and we can include everything you need within golf.

Our Centre’s & Locations.

The locations for the clinics vary, try the UK, Spain or in Ireland. We can provide the place to stay in the sun or a lovely four star hotel in Ireland? We have the experience to ensure your clinic or corporate day goes well, whether it’s a 2 hour session or a three day stay. Trust us, we will make sure this is an experience you will love and tell your friends and colleagues about.


The ‘gb academy’ golf experience.

Our expertise is Golf putting clinics but we have an array of people who support us and we trust their skills and we know they will also give you a fantastic time with a lot of experience to use on the golf course.

The Clinic or golf day will be a way of introducing a new skill in an informal manner, getting to understand some of the fundamentals in comfortable surroundings with friends, colleagues and other golfers. A clinic is another way of seeing where you can improve and getting a sample of the goods for sale.

We aim to keep the audience informed and easy to understand techniques to help to learn from our expertise. So many people are interested – groups of beginners, experienced players, professional players, professional teachers, corporate bodies, junior golfers, society groups, corporate bodies and of course our lady golf groups. Clinics are catered for the audience and their expectations of what they, the group want and require learning. Importantly, it has to be fun!

When we first learn to play golf we like to get to know what we are doing and having fun.

When we carry out our putting clinics we love people to go back to basics, the first fundamentals and not try to baffle people with science. Golf coaches and teachers sometimes forget we know a lot more than we realise. So, our first intention is ‘Keep It Simple’ and play to the audience of the day. By doing this you will always keep the audience’s attention and you will be able to tell in a few minutes what their expectations are.

Putting/Short game/Swing/Mental approach clinics

The ‘gb’ putting academy experience is bespoke to the audience requirements. They are catered for to suit the time scale, the learning requirements, the standard of the players and the clinic is fun. I make sure that everyone leaves with an understanding of how they can improve and what they need to do.

The beauty of our clinics is it doesn’t have to be done at a golf course or golf facility – for the putting of course. We can utilize other locations; all we need is a small piece of carpet and the appropriate space for the group concerned.

Time scales:

  • 2 hours
  • 4 hours
  • Whole day
  • Two day
  • All can include a round of golf – to be arranged

The Groups we cater for:

  • Amateur groups
  • Junior Groups
  • Ladies groups
  • Mixed groups
  • Professional players
  • Professional coaches/teacher wishing to understand how they can improve their coaching of putting
  • Corporate bodies
  • Business away days or team building exercises.

What we include:

  • Putter and equipment fitting advice – do you have the correct equipment?
  • The fundamentals of good putting – club face, club path, posture, stability – the correct ‘set up’ for the intended task
  • Fundamentals of the full swing
  • Fundamentals of the Short game
  • Mind Game experience
  • Individual tuition time
  • Video (if time scale allows)
  • SAM Putt lab (if time scale allows)
  • Group putting competition

Times vary when we conduct the sessions:

  • A time suitably required by the customer to fit within GB’s schedule. At least two months notice is required

The location:

  • At golf course or facility in your area or at one of our centre’s
  • At a facility to suit you
  • At the ‘gb’ academy in Murcia, Spain
  • Indoors, a room of the appropriate size with a carpeted area (putting only)

We aim to please:

  • Everyone will improve their game & putting, whatever your handicap or professiona.
  • It is a way of learning that is cost effective for a group and entertaining for corporate groups and societies
Other Clinics (Short & Long Game)

It is also possible to arrange clinics that include the other elements of the game – The short game with our friend Tommy Horton MBE or any of our first class swing coaches and our Ambassadors.

Please ask for details, again, this can be bespoke to the requirements.
Contact Glenn’s team on or 0034 664 319 382 for information.