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Ambassadors & Players

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Our all important players and ambassadors

It is important to show that our Players & Ambassadors - people in the know - are our supporters and confident that we are doing the right thing.  We need to get their feedback and advice so that we move in the right direction and become the lead team in putting education.

Below you will see that we have the backing of some very good people in the golf world and that they want us to succeed.

We will be carrying clinics, seminars and corporate golf days with the help of our ambassadors to make it the best ever golfing experience for you.


Glenn Billington

It is my dream to have the most fantastic Golf Academy in Spain and Europe. I want my team and i to ensure that the Golf Tuition we provide to our students is professionals and long lasting. Golf Putting Tuition in Spain will be offered by my team and i to every person who needs help and improvement, be they professional or amateur.


Tommy Horton

Tommy Horton is a golfing legend and a great friend of Glenn Billington.  Tommy just oozes professionalism and his presence is a great experience.  Tommy was a member of the GB & I Ryder Cup teams on several occasions and was the holder of the record for most tournaments won on the European Senior tour.

Tommy is a fantastic person to be around and loves helping all players, he has quality about the way he helps all players in the other art in golf – ‘the short game’


Eamonn Darcy

Eamonn Darcy is a quality player, a player who won many times on the European tour and now plays on the European Senior Tour.  A great ambassador to have on your side and a great person to have in your presence.

We are so pleased he has accepted our offer to work with us, well, look at the putt he sank to seal the Ryder Cup, a putt that snaked downhill from a very long distance.


Miguel Angel Martin

Miguel is one of the younger stars of the European Senior Tour, we are sure he has forged his passport, well, he looks like a 40 year old, must be the Spanish weather and fresh air!

Miguel is another main tour winner and has been a strong player within Spain for many years. He has trusted Glenn Billington with his putting now for many months and now this is starting to show he is a presence on the Senior tour and one who will be a winner.


George Woolgar

George is presently playing on the Europro tour and has recently had his first win; unfortunately he followed this up with an injury to his wrist.

George and Glenn have worked together for some time now and he is seen to be one of the purest putters on the tour.
George will be available for clinics and corporate days to demonstrate his golf prowess and give an insight into the profession.


The GBPA Students

The GBPA students include Senior tour, European tour, Ladies tour, Challenge tour, Europro Tour, Alps Tour and many other professional tours from around the world. Amateurs and Elite amateurs also come under the academy students.

The reason why they came to us was because we had been recommended or we seemed the right route to improve our putting.

What we guaranteed and always will is that we try our hardest to ensure you take your best putting stroke to the course, that you do not think too much about technique but rely on your skills of instinct, control, feel and touch.

Please take a look at the players that have already graced our academies, there are many more joining us each day, many more players who demand the best, be sure that you come to us for the best results.


European Tour/Senior Tour/Challenge Tour

Philip Archer (England)
James Ruth (England)
James Kamte (South Africa)
Jose Manuel Lara (Spain)
Tom Whitehouse (England)
Thomas Fournier (France)
Steve Surry (England)
Jordan Gibb (England)
Jamie Abbott (England)
Carlos Aguilar Quesada (Spain),
Jason Barnes (England)
Miguel Angel Martin (Spain),
Carlos Simarro Garcia (Spain),
Bill Longmuir (Scotland),
Mark Mouland (Wales),
John Gould (England),
Matthew Southgate (England),
Manuel Moreno (Spain),
Dave Wettlaufer (Canada)
Jeb Stuart (USA)
Joe Stansberry (USA)
Stephen Shields (England)

Ladies tours

Bree Arthur (Australia)
Jenni Kousa (Finland)
Rhian Wyn Thomas (Wales)
Lucy Davies (England)
Frederique Dorbes (France)
Jo Pritchard (Wales)
Hannah Grant (England)
Corisande Lee (England)
Bronwyn Mullins (Australia)
Beth Allen (USA)
Julieta Granada (USA)
Kym Larratt (England)
Morgana Robbertz (South Africa)
Barbara Genuini (France)
Sarah Jones (Wales)
Dana Greenslade (England)
Antonella Cvitan (Sweden)

Europro/Alps and other tours

George Woolgar (England)
Dani Alonso (Spain)
Sam Watts (England)
John Gallagher (Scotland)
Liam Murray (England)
Ross Cameron (Scotland)
Kevin Harper (England)
Graham Benson (England)
James Freeman (England)
Neil O'Briain (Ireland)
Tom Coulson (England)
Chris Kneen (Isle of Man)
Dani Alonso (Spain)


ValenciaGlenn Billington is the Putting Coach to the Valecia Golf Federation and many a time you will be able to see him working with the players developing their putting strokes and ensuring they represent their community to the best of their ability.

During the winter of 2012/2013 Glenn Billington will be the putting coach to the Elite academy of the Gecko Pro tour. The tour is based in the Costa Del Sol region of Spain. During the season there will be many events for professionals and up and coming players to get added winter development before the main season in Europe.

The Elite academy is aimed at players who want more, want to ensure they are ready to be amongst the best in the their tour.