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Our range of putting diploma courses

Our Aim at the 'gb putting academy is to deliver the finest coaching to help people to improve their putting. Our audience is from the new golfer onto a seasoned professional player or coach.

We have on offer a range of diploma courses that can help all in a structured way. This is long term and in a way where you know what you will be doing and where we intend to be. Our philosophies are simple and always intend to educate in the technique area and then help to guide you to long lasting feel, understanding, success and improvement.


The diplomas are based on the six fundamentals of putting and then the added elements of physical and psychological. Each element is studied and the more levels of the diploma you attend the more you understand. You can see the information to the diplomas by pressing on the level you wish to view. However, this is the idealistic vision I have for their implementation - you may wish to extend your knowledge and join the team as an affiliate coach


Level One Diploma ‘GB Putting Academies’

Half day training for groups up to 8 people

Aimed at the person who wants to get an insight into how they can begin to understand and improve their understanding.

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Level Two Diploma ‘GB Putting Academies’

A full day training

There is an initial assessment of your putting and your development. This is for the player who wants to learn more about they can improve their own putting.

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