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Glenn Billington, a well regarded putting coach, had a dream to develop a team of coaches; a team who are the finest putting coaches; here for your help, guidance, advice and instruction in the art of putting.

Glenn commented, ‘It is so important to complete the task when coaching players. We need to develop players beyond the technical elements, to a place no one else takes their students, to the land of feel and touch, where they trust their technique and then just allow their natural instincts and ability to make a majestically consistent putting stroke time after time’.

GB Putting Academy Level 1The ‘gb putting academy’ is an academy designed to advance everyone’s knowledge in putting – to improve the coach and to make the player the best putter. Our aims are to guide you through the fundamentals and technical elements of putting; to become confident in the fact you are a ‘feel and touch’ player, the envy of your friends, peers, playing partners and of course ‘your opponents’.

For the player we have the appropriate sessions for you; for the Golf coach who wants to become an expert and understand putting then become an affiliate coach team member. Our Putting Academies are situated at several locations. Each one is completed with the best facilities and equipment and of course the ‘Affiliate Putting Coach’ from the ‘gb’ team. We look forward to your visit, please send us your feedback and comments, they are always appreciated and welcome.

Glenn Billington

Glenn Billington
Director & Founder
‘gb’ putting academies

Science and Motion
Science & Motion Sam Putt Lab

The SAM putt lab is a master class piece of equipment and is vital to any person who is serious about improvement.

We offer Sam Putt lab sessions from 50 Euros, contact us for more information.

Affiliate coach golf
Become a GBPA Affiliate Putting Coach

To get the information about our coaches and academies take a look at the link.

Testimonials & Feedback

Effective feedback is essential for understanding and development. It is also a way of establishing how the coaching went and how the player coach relationship is working.

Putting students
Ambassadors Students

Many players have already trusted the ‘gb putting academy ideas and structure. Please take a look at the ever increasing list of very happy clients and students.

Academy & Tour News
Academy, Tour News & Newsletters

The ‘gb putting academies are situated across Europe and more are being planned. Please take time to view all the news of our players and what is happening in golf

Coach assessment
Player & Coach assessment

It is so important for the coaches to understand what you need and how we can work together. 

Putting training aids
Putters & Training Aids

There are so many different gadgets that help with your putting.  Remember they have to do a specific job or you are wasting your time. Click here for a selection of the training aids I use.

Appropriate Drills
Appropriate drills & practise

It is so important that we do the correct drill for the issue in question or the improvement we want to ingrain.

Gecko Pro Tour
Gecko Pro Tour Elite Academy

The Gecko Pro tour is a pro active team operating from the Costa del Sol, Spain. Their aims are to build the finest winter golf series in Europe.

Welcome to the all new website

Welcome to the new web site from the gb putting academy team. Our aims are to ensure the team delivers the most professional input in putting. We will guide you, coach you and help you develop into the player you have always wanted to be.

Paul Adams joins the Team

Welcome to Paul Adams. The newest team member of the gb putting academy affiliate program. Welcome Paul and good luck for the future.